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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School

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  • The Secret Garden Spring Term

    Published 01/07/19, by Charlotte Ford

    We are learning all about Plants this term, our classroom has lots of exciting things to help with our learning.

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  • Spring Term Exhibition - Whisby Education Centre!

    Published 03/04/19, by Charlotte Ford

    As Class 2's topic was all about plants this term we felt it would be an ideal location to hold our exhibition at Whisby Education Centre. This the first time it has been held out of school and it was a great success!

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  • Doddington Hall

    Published 19/03/19, by Charlotte Ford

    Class 2 visited Doddington Hall on 18th March. We went to learn all about the history of the hall and the gardens.

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  • Indian Exhibition

    Published 15/12/18, by Charlotte Ford

    Class 2 and 3 had their exhibition at the end of November. They joined together to create an Indian Experience for the adults who joined us. 

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  • Class 2 and 3's Launch day - India

    Published 06/09/18, by Charlotte Ford

    Class 2 and 3 have had a brilliant launch day learning all about India. 

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  • The Spectacular Circus Show!

    Published 19/07/18, by Charlotte Ford

    Class 2 did a fantastic job at putting on their very own circus show last week!

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  • Circus Skills

    Published 21/05/18, by Charlotte Ford

    Class 2 had a lovely afternoon, they have learnt lots of different circus skills and were entertained at the end with a small circus show!

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  • Performance!

    Published 16/05/18, by Charlotte Ford

    The summer term is all about performing, Class 2 are learning all about the Circus!

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  • Exhibition 21st March

    Published 21/03/18, by Charlotte Ford

    Class 2 have enjoyed sharing their learning at their exhibition. They have designed their stands and share the work they have been doing.

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  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park 05/03/18

    Published 06/03/18, by Charlotte Ford

    Class 2 visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park to inspire their learning all about animals, adaptations, evolution and inheritance.

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  • Farmhouse Breakfast Week 22/01/18

    Published 22/01/18, by Charlotte Ford

    Class two were very lucky this week to visit Lincolnshire Showground for Farmhouse Breakfast week. It links very nicely with our topic all about our bodies and nutrition.

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  • Class 2 Launch Spring Term

    Published 04/01/18, by Charlotte Ford

    Class 2 had their launch on Wednesday 3rd January 2018 ready to start their new topic 'Ponder'. This topic is all about Science and our main question is 'How do animals and humans adapt to our everchainging lifestyle?' We are focussing on Humans and Animals learning all about their bodies, nutrition and keeping them healthy.

    For our launch we were very lucky to have 6 furry visitors,

    Bonnie the rabbit and Bertie the guinea pig

    Hattie the Dog

    Lola the leaopard gecko

    Rio the parakeet

    and Heidi the African hedgehog

    The children were able to handle most of the animals and ask lots of questions ready for their learning in the new few weeks. It was a great experience for all the children and a really exciting way to introduce the topic!

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