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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School

Plan Do Review

This week we have spent one afternoon doing a Plan Do Review. This allows the children to plan something they would like to do, create it, build it, deisgn it and then review their product at the end.

We have been very busy creating lots of excitnig things we are interested in.

The children spent their afternoon planning a product they wanted to make, making it and then reviewing it afterwards. They then shared with the class what they had made.


We had lots of fun creating!

 Some of the children made a den.



The boys were happy creating Lego models and making an animation using their models.


The girls were enjoying painting, gluing, glitter and much more!

We really enjoyed our afternoon, it was good to reflect on what we had made and think about how we could improve, change or create different things next time.