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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School

Yorkshire Wildlife Park 05/03/18

Class 2 visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park to inspire their learning all about animals, adaptations, evolution and inheritance.

We started the day with an Animal Adaptation workshop where the children were able to learn all about how wild animals adapt to their habitats. We got to look at camel fur and ostriches feathers and also skulls of otters and tigers. 

We also looked at opposable thumbs and how important they are for humans and some animals, the children were set a challenge to write their name without using their thumbs to hold a pencil. They found it rather tricky!

We then got to meet some animals, Collin the Cockroach, Sally the giant African snail and Matt the python. The children were about to hold the animals and look at the features they have to adapt to their environment.

After a picnic lunch next to the wallabys we had a walk around the park and found lots of different animals, we thought about their home habitats and how they adapt there but also how they have adapted to the UK weather. 


We thoroughly enjoyed our day and the children loved sharing their knowledge about animals but also learning new information.