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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School

Core Curriculum

Our personalised curriculum is based on two main drivers which we believe our children need to achieve. They are community and challenge.

Community is an important part of our curriculum. We encourage children to feel part of the local community and to play an active role in the village they live in. We connect with local people and businesses to help us deliver an exciting and relevant curriculum.

Challenge is another area we think is crucial in developing children into life long learners. Through these challenges children are encouraged to try new things, work hard, concentrate, push themselves, understand others and keep going, not give up.

Connecting with the community and taking on challenging experiences are threads which run through all of our curriculum teaching.

We plan exciting class topics which motivate children to learn. Trips and visitors help to make the learning memorable. Each term a class will also complete an enterprise project incorporating both curriculum drivers, community and challenge.

By making children's learning relevant (through connecting with the community), memorable (through real life experiences) and challenging (through high expectations and problem solving) we help children to achieve their potential and have a happy early school experience at North Scarle Primary.

The content part of the curriculum is covered following National Curriculum 2014 guidance.