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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School

Cleaning Mill Dam Dyke

A few weeks ago Class 2 went to Mill Dam Dyke in North Scarle to do a big clean up. The children had noticed as they walked past it on their way to school it was full of rubbish.

Class 2 really enjoyed the opportunity to go and clean the dyke, we talked about how we can keep ourselves safe near the dyke, what precautions we needed to take when cleaning away the rubbish and the creatures that were living in the Dyke. 


The children came in the Dyke in pairs and were able to collect a piece of rubbish each. We also had a bucket full of the water from the Dyke that the other children were investigating whilst they waited. They found a lot of different insects and water animals that we learnt about during our visit to Whisby. 


Since visiting the Dyke, the children have written a persuasive letter to the local council asking if they would add more signs around the village to remind people about their rubbish. We are hoping to hear back from them very soon!