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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School


Phonics at North Scarle is taught in 6 phases. We follow the Letters and Sounds program and use Floppy’s Phonics as a tool to introduce new sounds.

Phase 1 is taught to children in Little learners. This phase is based on listening to and distinguishing the different sounds in the environment, playing with rhyme, learning and singing songs.

Phase 2-4 is taught to children in Reception. In phase 2 children start learning the sounds that letters make, they will learn to blend (read) and segment (break down to spell) words. Children will start to take reading books home from phase 2. 

Phase 5/6 is taught to children in Year 1. In phase 5 children learn the alternate sounds that digraphs (pairs/ groups of letters) make. For example, ea can be an ‘ee’ sound in bead but an ‘e’ sound in bread, and we can write the sound ‘oo’ as in food different ways: ew (screw) or ue (glue).

Phase 6 is taught to children in year 2. Phase 6 teaches children different spelling rules and introduces grammar.


During phonics we use lots of games and try to be as active as we can so that children are learning with their whole body - this keeps children engaged and focused. Each phonics session is around 20-30 minutes long and is set out in the same way: first we re-visit previous sounds/words – this part of the lesson is really important so that the children have the opportunity to practise previous learning. After that, we introduce a new sound/word. Then we practise what we have learned and apply the new knowledge.


Have a look at the links below to find out about how you can help your child learn high frequency and tricky words.