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Curriculum Intent


Inclusivity: As a very small primary school, we aim to promote what makes us unique. Knowing our young people and our families so well, enables us to plan a deeply personalised curriculum for all our children, targeted to meet their individual needs. We extend this personal touch to our full community, supporting children and families through high-quality communications, school community projects, educational training sessions and signposting to supportive groups.

Enriched: Our curriculum thrives on enriching children through a variety of experiences and an environment that motivates and encourages our young people to broaden their learning opportunities. ‘Try something new’ days, learning exhibitions, workshops, visitors and visits are woven into our curriculum cycles in all subject areas and provide all of our children with the experiences that they may not otherwise receive. 

Aspirational: At North Scarle we have high expectations for all and constantly strive to challenge our children to choose to be successful and become the very best versions of themselves. Our curriculum seeks to encourage children’s curiosity, develop a lifelong love of learning and prepare them for future success. Through our ambitious and cohesively planned curriculum, balancing knowledge and skill development in all areas, pupils progress and achieve high levels of attainment. 

 Inspirational: North Scarle’s curriculum, mapped to the National Curriculum expectations, is designed to inspire our children through learning about the best that has been thought and said. Authors, scientists, explorers, influencers and more, are planned into our curriculum cycles encouraging our teachers, our pupils and our community to be creative, motivated and inspired to try more and do more.