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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School

Keys to success

Children at North Scarle not only learn the curriculum set by the Government, but they are taught fundamental skills to help them prepare for their future. They learn about the 'keys to success' which support them in their Personal development.

We have 9 Keys to Success-

- Try new things

- Push yourself

- Don't give up

- Keep going

- Concentrate

- Work as a team

- Imagine

- Work hard

- Improve

The children visited Whisby Nature Park as a whole School trip to try out these learning styles and they had an absolutely brilliant day! 

Children were put into mixed teams and they really did prove themselves to be fantastic at trying new things, working as a team, working hard and improving on what they already know. 

One of the really important things the children at North Scarle do is help each other, children from years 5 & 6 especially are always looking out for the younger children and supporting them in their learning without being asked, this is such a great thing to watch! In comparison the younger children never fail to teach the older children something new!