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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School


Intent – what do we expect our children to learn?

At North Scarle Primary School we want our children to develop an interest in and desire to learn other languages, therefore our Languages provision aims to develop confidence to speak in a different language, asking questions, replying and more. We introduce the learning of Spanish as a language and aim to give children an understanding of its culture in fun and stimulating ways. We hope to build on their speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills as they progress. Our aim is also that our children will have good knowledge of where the language is spoken and the different cultures within these areas.

Essential Skills

  • Read fluently

Recognising key vocabulary and phrases

  • Write imaginatively

Use key vocabulary and phrases to write ideas

  • Speak confidently

Use key vocabulary and phrases to verbally communicate ideas

  • Understand the culture of the countries in which the language is spoken

The background knowledge and cultural capital needed to infer meaning from interactions

You can view the subject content that your child will be taught each term by viewing each classes curriculum overview.

Implementation – how do we expect them to learn?

All children in KS2 are taught Spanish in a weekly discreet lesson, delivered by the class teacher. Learning in Geography in Class 2 is a cross curricular link with a location study on Spain. We encourage the children to communicate in Spanish as much as possible during the lessons but also to use it in other parts of their learning – asking to get a drink or answering the register for example. We hope to set up opportunities in Breakfast club where the children set up a Spanish cafe. This will give the children the chance to put into practice their learning in a real-life context.


Teachers assess Spanish throughout lessons using ‘assessment for learning’. This helps teachers plan for future lessons. Weekly POP (Proof of Progress) quizzes are used across all subjects to support retrieval of new learning and embed knowledge.