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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School


We are redesigning our curriculum to truly reflect what we value and what is at the heart of our small but mighty school. To ensure we provide the best 'North Scarle Curriculum', we are working with our staff, children and parents to ensure we meet the needs of our whole community; celebrating what we makes us who we are; making links beyond our school to enrich what we stand for and believe in and ensuring we provide a learning journey that enables all of our children to flourish and grow. 

Please bear with us as we complete our finishing touches. We can't wait to share our new curriculum with you.

Meanwhile, through this current academic year (2021-22), our intentions have been focussed on providing a curriculum that has supported our learners to overcome what has been a difficult couple of years. We have created a one-off 'Cycle C' curriculum that catered for our new classroom structure and has filled any missing gaps from the previous two years of COVID disruption. This has enabled our children to once again become confident, creative learners, and has ensured the curriculum coverage intended in our A and B cycles. 

Please see links below to each class's current 'Cycle C Curriculum Overview' which gives an outline to the subject content your child will be/has been taught throughout this year.

To get a better understanding of what we teach, why and how, please visit the subject information link near the top of the page for an overview of each curriculum subject taught at North Scarle Primary School.