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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School

Physical Education


In Physical Education children will learn to:

  • Develop practical skills in order to partcipate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle

At North Scarle Primary School we know the key part school sport has to play in a young person's development. P.E. and sport not only gives children the physical skills to perform in a sport, but it can also contribute in building a healthy, confident young person who can work well in a team or lead a group.

At North Scarle we provide 2 hours of Physical Education within curriculum time.

Early on, we equip our pupils with key fundamental physical skills. Later in school, these skills are focused in to a mixture of team and individual sports, along with dance and gymnastics.

Swimming is also a component of our curriculum with our children from Y1-6 swimming during the summer term.

We offer a range of activities within school so that children will find a love for sport and make it a focal point in their life, for life.  Meaning they will start to do this sport outside of school through a club link.

We give all the children the chance to go outside of school to take part in sporting activities using other facilities.

We also try to enter as many School Games competitions as possible, so children have the chance to take part and be challenged in competitive sport. With the PE and Sport Premium funding, we are also able to offer children a wide range of sporting opportunities along with specialist coaching.

We feel this money should be spent broadening the experience the children can take from sport, therefore engaging and challenging those who we could not previously.

For more DfE information please follow the link below.