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Read to Succeed

At North Scarle Primary we believe that reading with your child at home is the most important way in which you can help your child with their learning.

At school we teach children the skills they need to decode words and unpick texts, but to consolidate these skills and grow in confidence they need lots and lots of practice! Children who read with an adult develop these skills much more quickly and develop a love of reading that can last a lifetime. At North Scarle we want to support parents as much as we can with home reading, and we hope our reading reward scheme will really motivate children to read at home!

The children will still have access to mathletics and TT Rockstars in Class 2 and 3, but the homework set each week will be the expectation for the children to read to an adult at least 3 times a week.

How does the reward scheme work?

The reward scheme is very simple. All children have to do is read at home and have their reading record signed by an adult. We recommend at least 20 minutes every day, with the expectation that all children will read to an adult and have their diary signed at least 3 times a week.

For the majority of our children, we ask that they read their school reading book which will be colour banded. Class teachers review colour bands often and will move children on when they are ready. Home reading should take place with an adult so the children can have help decoding words, can be encouraged to read with expression and have the opportunity to talk about their book.

For some of our older children, as they become more independent readers and move off our colour banded books, we realise that they will read a much more varied range of books and so they are able to choose from their own selection at home. Even for our most confident readers, we still recommend that you listen to your child read aloud to help develop their fluency and understanding, as well as giving them the opportunity to discuss the book, ask questions and discuss any unfamiliar words.

Read to Succeed

Reading records need to be in class every day so that we can sign the diary if your child has read to an adult in school. The class teacher will check the diary throughout the week to see how many times it has been signed and stamp the diary to acknowledge the home reading. When the children have enough stamps, the children will earn their first reward. They can then start working towards their next reward.

With the start of each new academic year the scheme will start again!


Read to Succeed reward scheme:

  • 30 stamps: A bronze certificate

  • 60 stamps: A silver certificate and a ‘Buddy the dog’ pencil topper

  • 90 stamps: A gold certificate and look after Buddy the reading dog

  • 120 stamps: A platinum certificate and adopt Buddy the reading dog

  • 150 stamps: A letter home and an invitation to our VIP reading trip