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North Scarle Primary School

North Scarle Primary School


In reading children will learn to:

  • Read words accurately
  • Understand texts

Reading at North Scarle Primary is taught through:


In our phonics sessions we use lots of games and try to be as active as we can so that children are learning with their whole body - this keeps children engaged and focused. Each phonics session is around 20-30 minutes long and is set out in the same way: first we re-visit previous sounds/words – this part of the lesson is really important so that the children have the opportunity to practise previous learning. After that, we introduce a new sound/word.

Then we practise what we have learned and apply the new knowledge. Please visit our phonics page for more information.

Whole Class Reading

In our whole class reading sessions, children are taught strategies to improve fluency, as well as unpicking texts. WCR lessons focus on vocabulary, retrieving, inferring, predicting, explaning, summarising and sequencing. 

Reading Buddies

Reading buddies is a programme in our school in which an older pupil is paired with a younger pupil to support their reading. Through 'echo reading' an older child will model fluent, expressive reading of a small segment of text using the '6 Ps'. The younger child then echoes the text back, imitating their buddy's fluency. 

Class texts/story time

"If teachers want to ensure maximum achievement in reading and maximum readiness for college, text selection deserves greater attention and intentionality. This does not mean that every book needs to be selected using a 'maximum value for learning' calculation. Some should be; we hope many will. Choosing others sheerly for the pleasure of it or on a lark is fine as long as the overall portfolio of books is intentional and balanced."

Doug Lemov, Reading Reconsidered 

In his book ‘Reading Reconsidered’, Doug Lemov points out that there are five types of texts that children should have access to in order to successfully navigate reading with confidence. These are complex beyond a lexical level and demand more from the reader than other types of books. 

At North Scarle Primary, our class texts are read to the children during story time. They have been carefully selected for each class so that by the time the children reach year 6 and beyond, they are ready to access the more complex books expected of them in secondary schools.

In addition to our selected texts, teachers can choose to read books based on the children's interests or our wider curriculum content. Non-fiction should also be read to help further develop children’s background knowledge of the subjects they are studying.